EXP0SED! What you didnt know about Ujo Mkparawa Abak- 5


Ujo Mkparawa Abak- 5 is a sociocultural group of the five local government areas in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District that make up an agelong Abak-5.

The local government areas include Ukanafun, Abak, Ika, Oruk Anam, and Etim Ekpo

The apex organization was created and established to help communicate the inextricable linkage between the five (Local Government Areas) and how sociopolitical structures and dynamics can only be fully contextualized in relation to our cultural system.
The core values and mission inter alia;

> To protect, enrich and promote the Abak-5 art and culture.

> To identify or cause to identify the importance of Abak-5 culture in Akwa Ibom and her society.

> To engage with other ethnic cultural and social organizations to maintain multiculturalism and promote brotherhood.

> To operate the organization as non-religious, non-political and non-profit motive organization.

> To unite youth forces scattered in Abak-5 society and motivate them to carry out different works to promote Annang culture and society.

> To carry out various types of works to maintain the social harmony and coherence in the Akwa Ibom society.

> To carry out works supportive for educational and social upliftment.

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Ujo Mkparawa Abak – 5

Adede Inemesit Akpan: National Presiden


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