How many Nigerians use the internet and social media today?


Someone once said, “There is hardly any online social channel you wouldn’t find Nigerians. Those folks must be really civilized.”

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Although that may sound a little bit exaggerated, it isn’t really a far cry from the absolute truth. Nigerians, like some of the Western communities, have emerged as one of the biggest consumers of the internet in recent years, and for obvious reasons too.

As one of the most civilized black nation on earth, the country has never been found wanting when it came to adjusting to the global norm, embracing western cultures, and keeping up with the Joneses. This fact is reflected in the rate at which Nigerians use the internet and social media today. From social channels (Twitter threads, Instagram community, etc.) to online forums (Whatsapp and Facebook groups), app downloads (Apple and Google stores) to website visits (sports websites, the IVA website, news outlets, etc.), gaming channels (discord or online casinos) to engagement communities (TikTok, Youtube, Likee, etc.), there is hardly any channel you wouldn’t find Nigerians today.

The sudden rise in internet consumption by Nigerians can, however, be credited to the emergence of several budget-friendly smartphone producers in the country. With the arrival of mobile brands such as Infinix, Tecno, Huawei, Samsung, and the likes, it became relatively easy for an average Nigerian to get their hands on a smart gadget, thereby joining the rest of the world in surfing the internet and participating in various forms of online activity.

This then brings us to the question of the day: how many Nigerians use the internet and social media today? If indeed the country’s citizens have grown so fond of the internet, then how many of them are actually on the internet landscape? Let’s find out what the numbers say, shall we?

Nigerians on the internet today

According to a recent report published by the Digital 2020 Global Overview Report, it was revealed that 169.2 million Nigerians have mobile connections (via phones). This represents 83% penetration of the total population of 203.6 million people. However, of these numbers, only 50% live or stay within the urban areas.

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It should, however, be noted that not every Nigerian who has a mobile-connected phone is actually connected to the internet. In fact, according to the report, only 85.49 million Nigerians are connected to the internet. This represents 42% of the total population. But of these numbers, only 27 million have social media accounts.

How long do Nigerians spend online today?

From the statistics gathered about Nigerian internet users in 2019, it was discovered that the average internet user in the country spends about 6 hours and 43 minutes online every day. Cumulatively, it is therefore expected of an average Nigerian to spend approximately 100 days online this year.

Common Nigerian internet usage trends


Facebook and Whatsapp are still the kings in Nigeria 

Although Twitter users might have you believe that their threads and savage responses are the order of the day in Nigeria, it is on Facebook and Whatsapp that most Nigerians spend a chunk of their social time. In a recent survey conducted by the Global State of Digital, Whatsapp was ranked as Nigeria’s No.1 social media platform, with about 85% of respondents stating that they own a Whatsapp profile on their devices. Following closely behind is Facebook at 78%, Instagram at 57%, FB messenger at 54%, and Youtube at 53%.


What are most Nigerians doing online today?

 Of interest to many of us are the activities of Nigerians on the internet today. Yes, we’ve already established the percentage of the country’s population that goes online, but what exactly are those people doing online? Some may wonder. Well, we can find that out by analyzing the top 10 search inquiries made by Nigerians in 2019.


  • Football related events
  • Politics and election updates
  • Movies and comedies
  • Music – artists and celebrities (Naira Marley and the Marlians)
  • Religion-related stories
  • Education-related stories (including ASUU Strike)
  • Xenophobia
  • XXXtentacion
  • Mobile Phones and other tech gadgets
  • Terrorism

Bottom Line

From all that has been established so far, it is clearly evident that Nigeria is one of the biggest internet users of the world, with the country’s citizens taking part in virtually every form of internet activity available out there.

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