Is My Landlord’s Daughter In Love With Me – Confuse man narrates



A Cnfuse d man toot to nairaland to ask a question concerning the reaction of his Landlords Daughter.

here is his narration:

For over 5 months now have been observing something from my Landlords Daughter.

Whenever she sees me with another girl/lady she frowns and won’t respond to my greetings.

In the whole flat I am the only one close to her but we don’t have anything in Common.
I even told her I have a serious date. Whenever she sees me talking to another girl she felt bad and won’t respond to my greetings.

Yesterday, I asked her why she always behaves like that.
She just looked into my eyes and started crying.

Since yesterday she refused to talk to me.

Is she in Love with me or what?

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