Don’t Destroy Our Leaders, 2023 Is Still Far




Recall that in my last piece on the above subject matter, I raised an exception on pulling down our leaders just for the sake of 2023 Governorship with the Cultism tag which Distinguished Senator Obong Bassey Albert (OBA) was the subject matter.

In this piece, let us look at the The LAGOS RETURNEE tag on some illustrious sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State.

First, why tag those who have made an attempt to have a successful life outside the shores of Akwa Ibom Lagos Returnees? Are they not legitimate sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State? The fact that they took the bull by the horns, left the comfort of their homes to a land full of opportunities and excelled there does not make them less Akwa Ibomites.

God instructed Father Abraham to leave his home to another land which He will show him and Abraham obliged. The fact that one is able to leave his home state to another town that is not his/hers and makes a successful livelihood there should be celebrated and not castigated as the manner of some is.

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State today Mr Udom Emmanuel, who left Akwa Ibom to Lagos because of his choice of career (Banking) is a sure example of such people. It is on record that Mr Udom Emmanuel had risen to the apex of his career before the calling on him to lead the State as Governor came to him. Today, after Lagos State where he stayed, Akwa Ibom is the next state on the Foreign Direct Investment index simply because an Akwa Ibom Son who is a successful Investment Banker is the leader of the state.

Akwa Ibom is a growing economy, and hence its choice of leadership should not be rated based on local content only, or the number of “locals” you know by their names. If one is blessed with the required contact that will add value to the economy of the state and thereby improve upon the living standard of Akwa Ibomites, why not support him to lead the state if that is whom God has chosen to be Governor? Why tag him “Lagos Returnee”?

See eh, Lagos is the economic nerve center of Nigeria, and by the time you leave the shores of your state, the comfort of your home to a place where you see others from all works of life struggle to make a living, and you become successful there, especially Lagos, then you can survive in any where in the world. The lessons garnered on the streets of Lagos no be child’s play o, and hence those our brothers who have spent greater parts of their lives in Lagos or any other part of the world and has become successful in life should be celebrated and not castigated with the tag ” LAGOS RETURNEES” as some do.

That “Lagos Returnee” may not know you in person, but may know someone who knows you and your capacity. The only thing that may attract you to him will be your capacity and capabilities. So the big question is “What is your capacity? What can you offer? ” instead of leading a campaign against your brother just because he has lived the greater parts of his life in Lagos or other part of the world, why not ask what he can bring to the table that will add up to what Governor Udom Emmanuel has brought already?

One thing I know for sure is that it is God who gives power, and he gives it to whom he wants, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. If God has chosen a son or daughter of Akwa Ibom that is not home based, but has the required contact that will add value to what we have already through Governor Udom Emmanuel, then so it will be.

Stop the unnecessary campaign against our leaders today, pray for a good successor for Governor Udom Emmanuel, a man who will improve upon the living standard of Akwa Ibomites, not a man who will improve upon your personal living standard by dashing you money here and there, now and then. No be only you be Akwa Ibom, there are also people who does not know that your candidate. Therefore, let’s pray for God’s guidance come 2023.

Emmanuel Godwin writes from Uyo.

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