NSE EFFIONG NTUEN: An Erudite Politician And A Patriotic Leader.


RT Honourable Nse Effiong Ntuen is without doubt, one great personality that no one can push aside when it comes to the game of politics. Reason is because he knows his worth.

William Shakespeare propabaly had in mind the likes of Nse Effiong Ntuen, former two-time Executive Chairman of Essien Udim Local Government Area, former Deputy National President of ALGON, current member representing Essien Udim State constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, when he wrote about how great men emerges. According to him, “some people are born great, some achieved greatness and some have it thrust on them”.

Since venturing into politics several years ago, he has consistently demonstrated a rare combination of what William Shakespeare postulated as how great men metamorphose.

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In the case of NSE Effiong Ntuen, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress – APC in Akwa Ibom State, he seems to have accessed greatness through exemplary leadership, good stewardship and undying commitment to quality services both to God and humanity. He had served as a Vice Chairman, Chairman of Essien Udim Local Government Area and he’s currently serving as a member representing Essien Udim Local Government Area in the State House of Assembly.

Nse Ntuen dogged efforts have in no small measure contributed meaningfully to the socio-economic and political development of his constituency, Akwa Ibom State and indeed the nation in general. Space will fail me to enumerate.

All the legacy projects executed by this political genius in his time as Council helmsman stands today to testify to his stewardship. To wit, however, permit me to mention but a few. These includes but not limited to:
* The Godswill Akpabio Unity Hall Complex.
* The Ekaette Unoma Akpabio Secretarial Complex.
* He initiated and completed at least one major borehole Project in each of the Wards in the Local Government Area.
* Payment of bursaries to indigene student of Essien Udim in tertiary institutions through out his tenures.
* Opening of new roads and maintaining new ones.
* Bought and distributed more 600 cars, Keke, and motorcycles to indegenes of Essien Udim.

In a chat with this writer sometimes in the year 2010, Rt Hon. Nse Effiong Ntuen had begun to nurse the dream of going to the House of Assembly in order to bring quality representation to the good people of Essien Udim on leaving the Council: “My greatest desire is to move to the House of Assembly from here. But that depends on my people.

By God’s grace I am doing my best as Council Chairman and hope when the time comes, my good stewardship will speak for me”. He said.
Nse Ntuen possesses a kindred spirit that strikes some spontaneous connectivity with anyone who comes his way irrespective of age, or class. You could say he is a ‘man of the people’s to borrow from Chinua Achebe’s apocalyptic novel that goes by that title.

Apocalyptic in the sense that Achebe in the novel, saw the Nigerian Civil War was coming and it came as prophesied. RT Honourable Nse Effiong Ntuen dreamt about his tomorrow and it was only a matter of time for destiny to catapult him to his desired political destination – the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.


As a member representing one of the largest political blocks in Nigeria, Nse Effiong Ntuen has been at the vanguard of his people’s cause, highlighting their needs, problems and travails to the State and Local Government alike. By his background, he related easily with the grassroots. He speaks and understand their language and therefore knows where the shoes pinches them. And just before the political crisis that temporary clipped his wings, he told me, “I am in the legislative arm of government to work together with other arms of government to better the lots of my peoplr. Apart from that I have no business saying I am their representative. ”

As a matter of fact, Nse Ntuen has enjoyed the bright side and the dark side of life. He has fought battles. He has gone through trials but has remained resolute and has been able to weather such challenges. A man of fire and brimstone! He was in the eye of the storm that rocked the AKHA following his movement to the APC in 2018, when his seat and those of others were declared vacant by the Sixth Assembly even with a restraining order from a Court of competent jurisdiction.

As an astute political enigma, Rt Hon. Nse Ntuen remains the single most vocal symbol of dynamic and pragmatic politics as when he with a few others of his colleagues attempted to change the leadership of the House. He actually did, for it is on records that the RT Honourable Nse Effiong Ntuen and four other legislators sacked the former speaker, Hon Onofiok Luke, now a Federal law maker, and took over as speaker. He might have kept his now speaker job, had the powers that be not swing into action with the speed of lightening.

Nse is a proud son of Annang from Essien Udim Local Government Area and a very dependable loyalist of his mentor, His Excellency Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON, the Minister for Niger Delta and a national leader of APC.

When Senator Godswill Akpabio moved to APC from PDP, alleging in part, the marginalisation of his Senatorial zone almost all his supposed allies and mentees of Annang extraction deserted him. Not Nse Ntuen! He didn’t wait to think, or till the following day. He moved the same day to the All Progressive Congress – APC. He was ready to walk the woods with Akpabio, if need be, and he paid dearly for it. Loyalists (not ambition is made of such ‘sterner tough’).

For all right-thinking AnnangFestivalof sons and daughters to whom self-worth matters most, it remains a thing of pride that while others got carried away by betrayal money and the need for self-preservation, Nse Ntuen resisted the temptation. This is integrity personified. This man’s record as a Council Chairman in EssienUdim is yet to be rivaled.

An articulate legislator, Nse Ntuen sterling qualities and accomplishments gathers through the years of hard work have endeared him to many ambitious youths for whom he lives as a veritable role model. Equally his humility, philantrolic disposition and selfless service to his people have not gone un-noticed, resulting in numerous awards and recognitions. Some of which are :
1. Best Performing Local Government Chairman by the NUJ.
2. best Performing Local Government Chairman in the South-South region, and many others.

RT Honourable Nse Effiong Ntuen is a native of Ukana in Essien Udim Local Government Area. He was born on 5th April, 1964 to the royal family of Late Chief Udo Udo Ntuenibok of Ukana Onuk. He holds a Masters in Sociology, majoring in Rural Development. He is married and his marriage is blessed with children.

To those who dream of truncating his ever-rising political profile, I have a word of caution. He is one young man, who should be encouraged by all and sundry to not only keep moving upward, but necessarily to create a new purposeful political dynasty for the ever-growing pool of upcoming young politicians in AnnangFestivalof land generally and Essien Udim in particular.

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