THE CULT BROTHERS: They want to be governor


The Cult Brothers!

Before now. They operated in secret. Most times in the dark. And then walked at day time with friendly smiles. But today’s cultists fear no personality. They proclaim, reclaim at public functions. That they’re cultists with a tag. Meaning that we are not safe. And if they have any opportunity. Cultism’s creed would be legislated. Maybe that’s why they want to be governor.

We don’t fear them. But Senator Bassey Albert Akpan, OBA has started a fight. So proud. So rash. He calls himself ‘a cultist for Christ.’ Whether he’s joking. Or so serious like death. The last phrase was not necessary. Christ has nothing to do with darkness. He would have affected his belief. With marks and signs. Not to ridicule a Holy name. At least. Signs and wonders. History and feelings. Have proven that Christ is not our equal. With his irresponsible expression. OBA goofed. After all, he’s well known. Not for good. Just like he openly claimed the devilish identity. Not just in the secret. But when he hosted Uyo people last week.

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No doubt. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread amongst us. It goes through our political and cultural life. Aptly nurtured by false notion. That democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’ That’s why OBA would openly declare that he’s a cultist. To further deceive his conscience. He added ‘for Christ.’ That’s a blatant lie. He knows. Or does those hefty guys around him look ‘Christ-like?’ He surrounds himself with cult-like boys. And then claims a saint. Bravery isn’t when you go looking for trouble. It is when trouble comes looking for you.

Without a waste of time. Former Military Governor Idongesit Nkanga jumped into the wing. A man without any traceable point of integrity. Even with a military profile. No stamina. No asset. He wanted to revenge a man he thinks fought his wife. According to him. “No cultist shall become the governor of this state.” It’s funny. Laughable. That after using them. After feeding them with unlawful instruments. You now think they’re useless. What a way to settle idiots!

Obviously, Idongesit Nkanga appears weak. Although he’s mostly known as ‘crumb-politician.’ A man perpetually used and dumped by younger ones. Instead of attacking cultists. He would have focused on his shaking strength. He would have focused on his demeaning character. Not his reputation. He would have focused on his selfish blessings. Not his misfortunes. After riding on the wings of those ‘cultist.’ After feeding on their fats. After building mansions with their stipends. Nkanga now feels they worth nothing. Yes, they don’t. But it shouldn’t be him.

When counting cultists within us. The two must be at the façade. OBA and Nkanga must not be ignored. They’re the first two cultists. They’re the cult brothers. That ignorantly identified themselves. Telling us story with actions. Meaning that they’re the capons and scorpions. They’re the Jim Jones of today. They’re the reason why these boys kill themselves. Raze houses. And shade innocent blood.

It all began with Governor Udom Emmanuel. Attacking cultism with greed. Insisting that no cultist will succeed him. But how did he know about cultism? How did he know they exist in Akwa Ibom? How did he know they were aspiring to become governor? How did he know that those big boys are cultists? Meaning that he is a man among men. Only a witch begat a witch. Only a cultist recognizes a cultist.

If we must be serious. Questions must be asked. Udom Emmanuel isn’t fair. Why the abuse on his allies? Even when it’s known. That the governor is selfish. But to make it real. No cultist has been a governor before. Just like himself. They only patronized their services. Hired them during elections. Give them a funny name. Whether Akwa Ibom Youth Caucus or Dakkada Ambassadors. Supply them with arsenals. But cannot retrieve them after elections. Those boys then go unlawful. Recruit more members. And spread like wildfire. Then, who should be blamed?

We’ve blamed ourselves enough. Even the governor is attacking cultists for his failures. Just wondering. If cultists are responsible for all these abandoned projects. If cultists are responsible for nonpayment of gratuity and pensions. If cultists are responsible for nonpayment of promotion arrears. If cultism are responsible for poor job execution. If cultists are responsible for wastage of public funds. He did the same thing in his first term. And has transferred his deception elegance to his second term. What has cultism got to do with delivering campaign promises? No doubt. A drawn man will always look for a straw to survive.

We’ve noticed at a glance. That those who governed us in times past were not cultist. They were elders, deacon and even pastors. They were prophets, reverends and saints at all round. They occupy front rows in church. But nothing good came out of them. They stole our money, wrecked our people. They took everything we had. Left the people poorer. They were corruption captains. It’s time to try a new title. If a cultist can give us what we want. If a cultist can develop us. If a cultist can feel the pains of the people. If a cultist will come to pay pensions and gratuities. If a cultist will come with a human heart. It will be better. Far better than these pharaohs and Lucifers. We will rather go for a cultist with a good heart. Than follow ungrateful idiots with angel faces.

Enough of this castigation. Cultists are humans. With flesh, blood and conscience. Some are far batter than those ‘saints’. Every prophets must be tested. And proven. It shouldn’t be about ‘who’ but ‘how.’ If a non-cultist isn’t faithful. If a non-cultist isn’t accessible. If a non-cultist isn’t sincere. If a non-cultist isn’t representing the conscience of the people. Let’s now go for a revered ‘cultist.’ At least, we need change. We need governance at its best. It shouldn’t be about association, belief or culture. It should be about us. It should be about our state.

My Name is Gideon Ekere
Akwa Ibom Deserves The Best!

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