“Till Death Do Us Part Is A Scam” Don’t Fall For It.


Following events around the country within the last two weeks, there has been over 10 reported cases of wives killing their husbands and vice versa, just recently in Abia state a man shot his wife in the presence of their children and the community had to kill the man instantly, the case of Maryam Sanda is still fresh in our memories, in plateau state there has been over 3 incidents of couples killing each other, I feel embarrassed each time I come across such terrible news and its high time those who conduct marriages in churches, mosques and registries tell their clients the truth about the “VOWS” they undertake.

I have seen pastors divorce and remarry, I have seen Imams abandon their marriages, I have seen highly respected and revered religious leaders leave their matrimonial unions because their marriages have broken down, and yet they will mount the pulpit to instruct you to remain in a marriage that is life threatening, because you want to maintain a marriage doctrine coined and written by man.

Brethren, that marriage counselor telling you that it is only death that can separate a marriage contract is not only being deceitful but qualifies as a big liar. If that marriage is not working please walk away, it’s only a living person that enjoys marriages, don’t manage because of your children or what the society will say, because you will die an agonizing death leaving those children behind and probably your partner will be in jail with no one to take care of those your precious kids that made you stay back in a marriage that you know has completely broken down, you can only train those children, if you stay alive and the same society that you are afraid of what they will say will also blame you for not taking a walk.

No relationship is worth your life, If trust issues get worse in your marriage please walk away when you still have your life, most times couples rediscover love and respect for each when they are separated.

So When Next Your Pastor/Imam Tells You That Marriage Is “Till Death Do Us Part” tell him/her that it’s a lie.

Uche Aguoru

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